I Finally Worked Out How To Have An Amazon #1 Best Seller. Give It Away For Free And People Will Snap It Up!



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Anura Guruge

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Click to access Amazon.com list.

Click to access Amazon.com list.


But, I also got this by e-mail from an American lady, ex-Hampton Beach, NH,
now living in Italy,

who found me via my pope work.

“Hi, I’ve already read a little over a quarter of the ISON book. I cannot believe you have to give your books away ! I HATE technical books…(I was a compliance officer for a bank and had to read regulations constantly). Your book reads like a story. I would pay for this in a minute! Your style is very easy to read. If I had ever heard your voice I would probably be able to imagine you talking. Man, it kills me when I think of books for which I have paid that were not written a fraction as well.”

In the end, this is why, I, like so many writers of yore, write.
While fame and fortune would be nice, in the end we feel we have a story to tell and want to tell that story.
If you can, in addition, enrich the life of one other person, that alone is worth it. 


54,000 word book. That is 100 letter size pages.

Look Inside capability available on Amazon.

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