Resident Power: Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Or As Bush Tried To Say: “Fool Me Once, Shame On You … You Can’t Fool Me Again”.


Anura Guruge

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ENHlogoI had an unsolicited e-mail from Resident Power yesterday offering me ‘unbeatable’ rates. It actually made me quite angry. ‘They’ some how don’t seem to get it that they reneged on what was a 1-year contract. I don’t care about their ‘sob story’. We had a one year contract and one fine night, without any disclosure from them, I learn on the Web that they have ditched me.

Yes, I am mad. I am an avid promoter of alternate power for NH. PSNH needs competition. I was so happy when I first heard about ‘Resident Power’. But, they screwed me and gave a black eye to the whole NH alternate power initiative. It is the latter that really irks me.

I would NOT sign up with Resident Power even if they offered me FREE electricity.

I don’t give a hoot about their ‘unbeatable’ rate, because for all I know that rate could be history even before you switch over. They should do the decent thing and gracefully go away, and not sully the alternate power landscape with their tarnished presence. Yes, I am livid. I ended up paying FULL PSNH rates for 2 whole months.

Finally I am with ENH.


I am hoping that ENH does not screw me.

But since the Resident Power fiasco I have lost all trust and confidence in the entire alternate power industry.

I have yet to receive the insulting $9.50 check that Resident Power intends to offer those that they reneged upon. As I have said, I am going to send it back.

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