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Alton Schools’ Hitherto Subterfuge Newspaper, ‘The Braysider’, Again Brays Shamelessly To Appropriate More Alton Taxpayer Dollars!



 ..by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. That is what I thought of that shameless braying now that we ALL know the undisclosed conflicts of interest.

Click to ENLARGE. That is what I thought of that shameless braying now that we ALL know the undisclosed conflicts of interest.

I was not amused by this so called ‘advertorial‘ from the minute I read it in the May 2, 2013 propaganda piece, especially because I was still fuming that they chose, for what is now very obvious were political, self-serving means, not to cover what was a pivotal Alton Board of Health vs. Alton Central School Board special meeting on April 29. Then thanks to School Board member, the ever vigilant Mr. Steve Miller, the TAX PAYERS FRIEND, who left a comment on this blog, we discover, and get confirmation from the Superintendent, that ‘The Braysider’ reporter works for ACS — though that has never been disclosed. Let me, as a professional journalist myself, and one with considerably more international recognition, prestige and credibility than those that work for this local rag, get one thing clear. I, nor anybody else in Alton, has any issue about the damn reporter working for the school. That was never the issue. That is fine. The issue was the lack of DISCLOSURE. Full disclosure is a part and parcel of responsible public reporting.

Even on this blog, when I talk about financial matters, I always make a point to disclose, very clearly, whether I have a stake in any of the ‘products’ I am writing about. That is because I cut my journalistic teeth on major, worldwide publications such as: ‘Data Communications‘, ‘Network World‘, ‘LAN Times‘ and ‘Business Communications Review‘.

And before anybody else starts trying to clamber up their high-horse trying to say that I am trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, I have an e-mail, sent to me last Friday, from the so called editor saying: I do realize there probably should have been a statement on that, as we had when Tim’s neighbors were involved in a case. That is my mistake, I will freely admit that‘.

Well lets see if he has the kahunas if not the integrity to admit to this in public. Friday’s e-mail exchange was in no way privileged. So I will have no compunction in publicizing it all.

What got me about this ‘advertorial‘, disguised as an ‘editorial’, was that the writer is not an Alton tax payer. As far as I know he pays no property tax anywhere in NH, or for that matter anywhere in the known Universe. But, he thinks it is ‘OK’ to talk about MORE spending without disclosing his nefarious conflicts of interests.


At this point let me AGAIN remind you that this was the aging, mid-30s guy who PUBLICLY BOASTED, in print, that he was speeding at 90 mph. I, as a parent, flagged this. I was shocked. But, none of YOU did anything. I guess you don’t care. Shame on YOU. He could have easily killed one of MY kids! 90 mph is criminal speeding.

This is a man that spends much of his time with teenagers, many just getting behind the wheel of car. And he boasts that it is ‘OK’ to drive at 90 mph! Yes, I know that he is like the pope. He does not feel that he has to answer to anyone on Earth. This is now becoming very clear. You can see the pattern. Do 90 mph and boast about it in print. Omit his conflicts of interest and think that Alton tax payers deserve to be duped because they are not as smart as him. We have had Presidents like that and lots of popes. So, I ask YOU. Are YOU going to have YOUR VOICE heard?

There is more. The reporter who felt that it was perfectly permissible not to disclose his germane, blatant conflict of interest is an assistant baseball coach at Brewster. Well, in my book that is not cricket. Sports is all about learning values. And those values are not that of breaking the law, i.e., criminal speeding at 90 mph, or violation of professional ethics, i.e., non-disclosure of crucial conflicts of interests.

Yes, I am riled. Yes, we feel violated! Why, because we had treated these two as friends. So there is an element of personal betrayal here. But, that is fine. C’est la vie. It is the duping of my fellow Alton citizens, specially the tax payers that irks me.

OK. I feel much better now. Time to celebrate. I just completed the process to publish my 1st print book in 18 months. Yes, I published a bunch of Kindle ebooks, but since I am very old-fashioned I don’t really think of those as bona fide books, though everybody tells me that they are the future. I like printed books.