“Comet ISON — Quick Reference” Now Available On Amazon, Worldwide, As A $4.35 Paperback.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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“Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903” eBook published — May 9, 2013.
>> I publish my 2nd ebook on Comet ISON — Apr. 19, 2013.

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Yes, I will confess. It is becoming a BLUR even for me! I have to, nearly every day, step back for a second in my mind, to work out which book I am working on right now and what is happening to the others.

Yes, I have published 6 eBooks this year — and with this paperback, one traditional, good ol’ fashioned real, printed on paper, book.

Another real book, the paperback of the ‘Last 10 Conclaves‘ is in the work, at 85% done — and a large eBook, about an intriguing asteroid, is 80% done. Yes, I am multitasking. I work on one one day and the other the next, just to make things difficult for my brain.

I don’t like eBooks! I will never read an eBook! But, eBooks are supposedly the future and I have no choice but to do them. Now that I know how to churn them, I will admit that they are trivial to produce! And that is why I hate them. eBooks by nature and design have to have ‘no’ formatting. It is essential straight text, with some headings and a Table of Contents (and Word does that automatically for me). I resent the lack of formatting. I love painstakingly formatted printed books with tables, sidebars, embedded text boxes and lots of images.

So it was gratifying to publish a paperback — my first in 18 months.

So, of the 17 sole-author books I have 12 are available in paperback. 15 are available as eBooks. I think that is right. It gets bad when you can’t keep track of the books you have. This happened to me with my publications. I assiduously kept track of my first 250 publications — because that was my goal. I hit 250 in early 1998, after 10 years of writing like a crazy man (sometimes getting up to 7 -8 articles printed in different publications a month). Then I became lax at keeping track. Since I continued to publish till about 1997, I know that I wrote at least another 150, but I have no idea of my complete opus. Doesn’t matter. Google Books has tracked down many of them. So I am cool. They have 3,290 records for my name! Well, even I know I wasn’t that prolific, but I do get quoted by others and Google lists those too.

Check out my 1st publication in 1978. That is the genesis of those dreaded ‘type in your license code‘ software authorization schemes you encounter today with Microsoft, Adobe and others. That was my idea. But, I was working for IBM and they, quite rightly, had total rights to it. I have no regrets. 

Click for the complete list ...

Click for the complete list …

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