New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Ceremony (May 17, 2013) & My Second Shift Volunteering At The Concord State House.


Anura Guruge

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policememmay17I am real glad that Virginia Drew and Debbie Rivers at the State House Visitor Center asked me to come back on Friday, May 17, 2013 so that I could see the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Ceremony. I had never been to it before. It was special. Definitely going to add it to our annual list of events. I wish I had taken the kids. I also did not take my camera since I was supposed to be ‘on duty’ and I don’t like to look like a tourist when I am volunteering. But, I will rectify this next year. It was good to see all the different branches of NH law enforcement in their full glory.policememmay17bThere were two mounted police officers, on two beautiful horses, from Dover. There were about 30 motorcycles in the motorbike parade (and it was kind of poignant and cute to see two bikes fall, though I felt real bad for the officers). Officer Sullivan, from Alton, who works at the school was there on his bike and I got to go and shake his hand. I never realized that the ceremonial uniform for our ‘Fish & Game’ officers is bright red. They look much sharper than those Mounties up north.

The Londonderry School Marching Band was very impressive as was the children’s choir that sang. The ‘NH Police Association Pipes and Drums‘ were there with their bagpipes and decent bagpipe music always makes my day. To me any day that includes a bagpipe marching band, is a good day, by definition. I know them well from their perennial presence at the Highland Games. I think they were classed a ‘Grade 5 Pipe Band‘ in 2012, but I think they sound as good as most ‘Grade 2’ bands. So altogether a very impressive showing behind the State House this morning at 10 am. Not counting the ‘invited guests’, who probably numbered around 200, and all the Law Enforcement officers,there was, at best, only about 100 (if that) spectators — and that included 2 school groups that we had brought out to see the ceremony. I think with more publicity more people will and should attend. I will give folks a heads up next year.

My 2nd shift was a load of fun. Did something I have never done in my 59-year old life. I have never used a cash register! I have never worked in retail. So having to ring up some souvenirs, under supervision, was kind of cool.

Met some real neat folks. One State Rep. from down ‘south’. We had a nice chat. Some folks from Canada. A couple from Albuquerque who are trying to visit all 50 State Houses. NH was their 18th. It was educational to chat with them. So, it was a good day.

'New Hampshire Police Association Pipe and Drums' in action from YouTube. Click to access video.

‘New Hampshire Police Association Pipe and Drums’ in action from YouTube. Click to access video.

VIPs from Primary Seasons at the Visitor Center.

VIPs from Primary Seasons at the Visitor Center.

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