TDS Internet (Broadband Fiber) Outage In Alton, NH: Monday, May 20, 2013 For ~6 Hours Till 5:49 PM.


Anura Guruge

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To be fair, as far as I know, this is the first Broadband Internet outage around here since Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

So, that was 83 days ago. So that isn’t too bad. But, this was another doozie. It was down for 6 hours, if not slightly more. There are even indications that the outage that I suffered came about as they were fixing a previous outage in NH.

I fully appreciate that occasional outages are inevitable. My only frustration is that TDS, per what I assume is some misguided policy, refuses to tell you what is happening. To me that is incredible. They really do believe in treating their customers, or at least me, as if I am a total, bloody imbecile that wouldn’t be able to cope with being told as to why both of my broadband connections are down. All I want to know is: is it a down pole, was a fiber cut and if so where, are the servers down and if so why? I can make my own assessments from there. But, no. Just the bloody mushroom treatment. It really is a misguided company.

A couple of months ago I sent a certified letter to its President and CEO, Dave Wittwer politely outlining my issues and asking him whether he could get somebody at TDS to look into them. Nothing. That is outrageous. I did not expect him to read the letter and take action. Real CEOs have one or two assistants, referred to as the ‘Office of the CEO’, who deal with such letters. I have had tremendous support from such offices at Dish and GoDaddy. Given that GoDaddy is my other Internet company, I find the contrast between GoDaddy and TDS like chalk and cheese. GoDaddy, at every level of the food chain, is so customer oriented. 

Dave Wittwer who ignored my letter to his office.

I was, however, told by TDS, during what proved to be a 40 minute call, that they had been overcharging me by $9.98 a month. Gee, thanks. No, I didn’t get it fixed. I was waiting till I got my Internet back. Knowing TDS there was always a chance that when they fixed this overcharge I would never get my Internet back.

Ahhhh! This is the problem when there is no competition for service. No Metrocast cannot provide me with the UPLOAD bandwidth I require, neither can FairPoint. I checked again today. The MOST that they can offer is 2Mbps. That is for kids. [No, this is not the download. To me 35Mbps download is of little interest IF my uploads are at 2Mbps. It is upload that differentiates the wheat from the chaff. I need the upload for posting blogs and uploading the books.]

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