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I Need A Louis Marx 1960s President Grover Cleveland Plastic Figure PLEASE. Of Course, I Will Pay. Help.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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Meredith, NH Community Yard Sale … — May 18, 2013.

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On Saturday, at the Meredith yard sale, I came across a plastic bag full of little plastic figures. I asked the lady what they were and she said that they were ALL the U.S. Presidents. She wanted $5 for it. She said that it had been her sons and that he had played with them all the time. I asked her how far it went and she said ‘Regan‘. She also implied that the set was complete. The son, who appeared to be in his early teens, was also around – though immersed playing a video game. I bought the bag, without even opening it, since it looked cute and the price was right.

We didn’t get to unpack any of the stuff from the yard sale till yesterday. I got Devanee to use one of her books on the Presidents to sort them out and line them up.

No, it didn’t go as far as Regan. It stopped with Nixon and Grover was missing! That was a bummer. It is a neat set. I will take a picture and post it.

Complete sets are selling on eBay in the $50 to $75 range. No I don’t want to sell it. I want a complete set. I will build some kind of display for it.

IF you have a figure of Grover for sale let me know. Of course, I will pay. If you have another complete set you want to sell. Let me know. Yes, I contacted the seller on eBay.


Amazon’s Product Return System Is Temporarily Not Working! But, You Can Get Them To Call You To Handle Return, In This Case A PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System.


Anura Guruge

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I don’t even want to talk about it right now, I am so mad. Another $200+ item, highly rated, that proved to be a total failure. I just don’t believe it. It was a wireless Pet Containment System for Maya to keep her in our yard during the Summer – the ‘PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300‘. We installed last week, I even going to the trouble of fabricating a bracket to have it wall mounted, out of the way, in our utility room.

It sure works — no question about that. The problem is the false warnings to the dog — the audible beep that tells the dog that it is getting close to the boundary. Our collar was beeping even in the house! It was driving Maya nuts because she couldn’t figure out what to do. Deanna, who wanted a containment system, tried every possible setting: ‘Hi’, ‘Low’, the distance setting from 4 to 8. Still INTERMITTENT false audible alarms in the house and also outside. For me it was the false alarms inside the house that was the killer. That is not fair on the dog — and I have had invisible fences in the past.

The instruction book does talk about false alarms in the house! Yes, of course, Deanna did all the suggested rectification steps and the damn thing would still beep while Deanna is holding it in her hand! That was it. It was going back.


As I have mentioned before, I do the ordering, Deanna handles all returns (irrespective of vendor) — in the case of Amazon logging into my account to do so.

She tried to process the return yesterday. Right at the end, when they are supposed to print a copy of the ‘return authorization’ the Amazon Web site would croak. She tried a number of times — hampered somewhat by the 6 hour TDS outage we suffered. Still no luck.

She tried again this morning. Her computer has a mind of its own. So, I tried it from my computer. Same result, which was this:



Not a problem. Given my very long, very involved, intimate relationship with Amazon I know how to get them to call me. I had them calling me within the minute.

Yes, they handled the return right then and there on the phone and arranged for an UPS pickup tomorrow. They even sent me all the ‘slips’ by e-mail, though I don’t have to do anything. Was pretty painless. Took less than 5 minutes — though I handled the return with Deanna standing at my elbow telling me what to say.

So just a heads up. If you get this error message when trying to return something to Amazon just get them to call you. Then Bob really is your uncle.

Alton Central School Board Still Dragging Its Heel On Major Bullying Issue Brought To Its Attention On March 1, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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The crux of the issue here is very simple as I pointed out in my original post 45 days ago.

This young lady is not trying to name names, cause trouble for anyone, or asking for any special treatment for herself or her friends. What she is trying to do, selflessly, is something for the betterment of the whole school when it comes to the very damaging and dangerous issue of bullying.

What she is requesting, partly in her official capacity as Student Council President but also as a deeply caring 8th Grader who will soon be departing ACS, is that the school provide an open forum where kids can talk about bullying in public and together agree on the steps that they can all take to put an end to it. It is basically asking that the  ACS kids be empowered to put an end to bullying on a peer-to-peer basis. It seems laudatory.

If nothing else this bona fide request needs to be discussed in public so that concerned citizens of Alton too can have a say in what is a very crucial issue. We home school Devanee because of the incessant bullying she suffered at ACS. So we sure have skin in this game, which is the reason that I will champion this until we see an equitable resolution.

As I pointed out in my April 5, 2013 post the U.S. Government, www.stop bullying.gov website advocates exactly this type of proactive student involvement. Here is what they say, which is exactly what this young lady is asking for at ACS.


Click to access ‘stopbullying.gov’.

As I also pointed out, with images and links, other schools around the country promote such forums.

But, the ACS administration and School Board, with the ever conscientious and diligent Steve Miller the exception, does not want to even discuss it. There is something wrong here.

The mother of the young lady, an indefatigable PTSA member, in sheer frustration at how ACS was treating her daughter’s request, wrote to the Board on May 6. On the envelope she clearly stated that she wanted this matter to be discussed in PUBLIC at the next School Board meeting. That was the May 13, 2013 meeting that took place last Monday. We were at that meeting. The Board mentioned that there was a letter that had to be discussed. I knew what it was. It was also mentioned that the parent had indicated that the letter should be discussed in Public. A number of Board members claimed that they were not comfortable with that. So a vote was taken as to whether the letter should be discussed in public. Only Steve Miller voted for the public discussion — and he did so stating that he wanted to honor the parent’s request. The other 4 members voted against. 4-1 against a simple request for transparency by a parent (plus one heck of a taxpayer). Take note. So much by the people, for the people. As Steve Miller pointed, as ever correctly, this issue was being pushed out and pushed out so that it would not come up while the school was still in session — and this young lady still at ACS.

It is very obvious that this has been the administration’s and Board’s (bar Mr. Miller) strategy all along. Drag it into July and then claim that it was no longer relevant because the young lady had left!

This is wrong.

I have, right here in front of me, as scanned PDFs, all three letters: the original to the Board by the 14-year old young lady, the Board’s totally non sequitur response and the mother’s letter to the Board in May. Yes, I also have explicit permission, from the mother, to publish all the letters. I have spoken with the mother quite a few times over the last few days.

She is, understandably, furious.

I have been told that a reporter from the ‘Laconia Daily Sun‘ spoke with the Principal about this issue today. So at least the media has been made aware of it.

The two letters to the Board contain some very disturbing phrases to do with harassment and substance abuse. I have also heard of some telling incidents that have taken place at ACS of late. That some of this is not public knowledge is disconcerting since I am sure other parents would like to know.

So, this, for now, is just a heads up. Tomorrow is another day. I just wanted Alton to know that we are not giving up on this issue. Stay tuned.

P.S., Bullying is not restricted to kids bullying other kids. Bear that in mind.

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