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Supposedly, Per Boston Craigslist, The New Bikinis For 2013. Doubt Whether We Will See These Around Lake Winnipesaukee.



 .by Anura Guruge

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As I had mentioned earlier during the sad events in Boston last month, given the very secluded, near recluse, life I lead, I check the Boston Craigslists’ “Rants & Raves” to get a feel of what is happening out there in the Big World. Given that I have been checking this list, near daily, for years, I am fairly good at working out which posts might be vaguely interesting and what posts are not even worth looking at. Obviously, living in NH Lakes Region I have to check anything that mentions ‘bikini’ seems it might be germane. Well this picture appeared today, with two other more illustrative pictures. Something else that I like about this list is that all of them that partake have worse spelling and grammar than I do — though I doubt whether too many of them can honestly claim, as I can, that English is their second language.


Handel Society, “St. Matthew Passion”, May 2013: A 3 CD Set Will Be Available For $25.



 .by Anura Guruge

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We so enjoyed this concert on Sunday that I was anxious to try and get my hands on a DVD or CD of the performance. So I visited the ‘Handel Society of Dartmouth College‘ Website to see what I could find.

All I could find under contacts was the e-mail and phone numbers for Dr. Robert Duff, D.M.A., Director, Handel Society of Dartmouth College & Director, Dartmouth Chamber Singers, who had conducted this gala performance. I kind of felt bad bothering him about it, but I sent him an e-mail — obviously also congratulating and thanking him for the concert. I got two e-mails back, quite quickly.

There will be no DVD, but a 3 CD set will be available in the Summer for $25 — and my check is already in the mail!

The second e-mail was from a David T. Robinson and this is what it said:

Hi Anura,
I handle (no pun intended) the recordings for Handel Society and yes we are making a CD available. This will be a 3-CD set with two booklets including all the program information as well as the complete libretto. Pricing is $25 post paid (CDs will be sent to you by mail during the summer). I will send your CD to the address on your check unless you request otherwise.

Payment may be made by check (made out to David T. Robinson, please) by mail, to the address at the end of this email.

Best regards,



David T. Robinson
27 Dunsinane Drive
Lebanon, NH 03766-2306

So that is the deal. You have to send a check for $25 to ‘David T. Robinson’ at the above address. Seems pretty straightforward.

I do, of course, have an e-mail for him as well as a phone number. Don’t think I need to publish those. If you have problems let me know and I can provide the e-mail or phone number if appropriate.


P.S., The $25 is a good deal given all the printed matter being promised. I pay $12 for CDs for another ensemble’s concerts and these are single CDs sans any program or musical information.