Supposedly, Per Boston Craigslist, The New Bikinis For 2013. Doubt Whether We Will See These Around Lake Winnipesaukee.



 .by Anura Guruge

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As I had mentioned earlier during the sad events in Boston last month, given the very secluded, near recluse, life I lead, I check the Boston Craigslists’ “Rants & Raves” to get a feel of what is happening out there in the Big World. Given that I have been checking this list, near daily, for years, I am fairly good at working out which posts might be vaguely interesting and what posts are not even worth looking at. Obviously, living in NH Lakes Region I have to check anything that mentions ‘bikini’ seems it might be germane. Well this picture appeared today, with two other more illustrative pictures. Something else that I like about this list is that all of them that partake have worse spelling and grammar than I do — though I doubt whether too many of them can honestly claim, as I can, that English is their second language.


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