Newegg Rather Than TigerDirect Might Be Better Option For PC Components. Check Both Out.



. Anura Guruge

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Over the last few years when it comes to computer and peripherals I have been going directly to TigerDirect. They have been good. Really no problems. They tend to have a good selection of refurbished machines and that has been a major draw. But, because of this automatic gravitation towards TigerDirect I have been remiss about checking out Newegg.

I discovered today that Newegg can definitely out do TigerDirect on certain items — in this case a 750W power supply.


Since I might have blown my power supply last night, I have no choice but to have a replacement unit in hand before Dave Nix comes to take the ‘dead’ PC apart. I spoke with him, of course, this morning. It is possible that it is not the power supply. It could ‘just’ be the momentary on/off power on button or the printed circuit board (PCB) underneath. I am getting a dreadful feeling that it is that PCB. I spent 90 minutes today trying to locate a spare PCB for that 3.5 year Thermaltake Element S case. No luck. So if it is the PCB I will have to get a new case. It will NOT be another Thermaltake! That is for damn sure. They did not impress me today.

Dave reckons that given the brawn of the ‘dead’ system even 700 Watts (which is a lot) might have been pushed to its limit! So he suggested I get an even bigger P/S. 750W. Think about. You know how bright and hot a 150 W light bulb is. This is 5 times that! Fortunately, even though it is rated 750 W it is not burning 750 all the time. 750 is what it can deliver.

Anyway, by habit I went to TigerDirect. There prices are OK. They offered free shipping (and P/S are heavy) but you had to sign-up (as with Amazon) for a ‘$79’ prime account. Screw that. Decided to check Newegg.

3.5 years ago I bough ALL the components for the now ‘dead’ PC from Newegg. They were good. Gave me 12 months of 0% interest credit. So, I have an account and all of that with Newegg.

Newegg, of course, had comparable 750W power supplies (with modular design to boot), ‘a bit cheaper’ but with genuinely free shipping. So I ordered through them. Henceforth I will check both Newegg and TigerDirect out though I now have an idea as to how it works: TigerDirect is better on built/refurbished system, Newegg, per their original claims from decades ago, excels when it comes to components.

Just wanted to share with you.



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