TEN Cricket Is NOT Available On Direct TV Either! So Both Dish & Direct TV Now Only Offer Willow (For $14.99/Month).


Anura Guruge

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I checked last night and called them up a few minutes ago.

Direct TV like DISH is now down to Willow — at $14.99/month.

That is diabolical.

Yes, I got confirmation. TEN is indeed Indian owned and Indian run. That explains it all. Right now, per their own Web site, TEN on TV is only available in India, Singapore, Hong Kong and UAE! 

12 thoughts on “TEN Cricket Is NOT Available On Direct TV Either! So Both Dish & Direct TV Now Only Offer Willow (For $14.99/Month).

  1. Wond

    Ten is owned by bukhatir from UAE man who held masala matches in Sharjah and he is not indian xxx (EDITED by Anura)

    1. aguruge Post author

      Thanks. I don’t know the exact details. They all look the same to me. OK. OK. I am joking. I am as brown as they come. I edited the last couple of words of you comment. Come. Come. No need for that kind of language. We can all have a dig at each other without getting too rude. I really need to find out more about TEN. Cheers.

  2. Satyajit Roy

    hi aguruge, as you are finding out more about TEN. Can you please find out if any IPTV device carry it on the internet? I am desparate and so please find out if there is any way or by any means it can be seen in usa even picture quality may be bad but reasonable.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Can’t find anything on their Website. Pretty awful Website. I checked YouTube. Nothing there really. I will check CrickInfo. On Monday I will call a contact I have at Dish. Try and get some details. Iw ill keep you posted. OK. Cheers, Anura

      1. Satyajit Roy

        I found somthing called DTVInda app on Android and PC which tries to stream all sports channel including TEN cricket. It is free but unfortunately does not work means it freezes or cannot connect plus poor quality pcture

      2. aguruge Post author

        This is good. Keep on poking around. Watching cricket on a mobile does not appeal to me. I don’t even want to watch it on my 27″ HD PC monitor. That seems like work. I want to watch cricket in my family room, on my 47″ HD like real TV. Best of luck. Cheers. Thanks for the information.

  3. Yogi

    Looks like you are mixing up Ten Cricket and Ten Network in Australia. Ten Cricket is owned by Zee while Ten Network is a TV Channel in Australia.

    1. aguruge Post author

      You are RIGHT. Knew, of course, of Kerry Packer Channel 9. Did NOT know that TEN Network was just Australian. Assumed it was part of the TEN Empire. Thanks. I fixed the post. Anura

  4. Kuttu

    Today I called Dish and ask about Ten cricket, the rep. told me, they are working hard to get back Ten Crick and also trying to add Ten HD on there platform. I don’t think so anyways, what your people think, is it going to happened ?

    1. aguruge Post author

      I think DISH and DirecTV would like them back. I don’t think a ‘rep’ per se will know. But, whoever is in charge of International Sports programming for DISH/DirecTV would know. I think something BIG went wrong with TEN. No question that it was TEN that pulled the plug. But we also have ESPN 3 as a problem. They are getting more and more rights. That is not good. I think we in North America are screwed again when it comes to cricket. A cousin in Sri Lanka was telling me that he gets TEN, in SL, for Rs 90- a month! Please stay in touch and keep us posted. All the best. Cheers, Anura

      1. satyajit

        The problem is Ten Cricket and ESPN3 cannot coexist in north america. I think it is a better deal if you make espn to open a HD channel on dish/directv

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