Did YOU Like “The Braysider’s” Coverage Of The May 13, 2013, Alton Central School Board Meeting?



 by Anura Guruge

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I thought it was great. On the money, but then again I am a great believer in the Lewis Carroll (look it up) adage that a broken watch that tells the right time twice a day is better than a watch which is a few minutes off and as such never tells the right time.

So as far as I am concerned it is good that they ‘cover’ School Board meetings in this fashion. Yes, I also know that folks that care can go and see what happened on TV or get the DVD. At least one person has told me that they watched it on TV …

The Braysiders” total contempt for Alton residents is something else. 

C’est la vie. The absolute power of the media and the other adage that, quite correctly says, that: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely“. No wonder the editor boasts in print that he drives around at 90 mph. Absolute power. Just carry on giving them your money. Enjoy.

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