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The Queen’s, My Queen’s, Elizabeth II’s, 60th Anniversary Of Coronation. Happy Anniversary. Many Happy Returns!


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 ..by Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'The Telegraph' article.

Click to access ‘The Telegraph’ article.

Click again. Again 'The Telegraph'.

Click again. Again ‘The Telegraph’.

This time the Mirror. I was never a reader of 'The Mirror'. I was a 'Daily Mail', 'Sun' (of course) and Broadsheet reader. But, this is a decent article. Click.

This time the Mirror. I was never a reader of ‘The Mirror’. I was a ‘Daily Mail’, ‘Sun’ (of course) and Broadsheet reader. But, this is a decent article. Click.

That THE Queen (and as far as I am now concerned there is really only one) was crowned in June 1953 is something that I have ‘always’ known. It was the year of my Birth, though the coronation did not wait for me. I also, being the Everest buff, know that the first KNOWN ascent of Everest took place just prior to the coronation — the British-led, Commonwealth-heavy team wanting to honor the new Queen. So, the 60th anniversary of the Tenzing-Hillary ascent always comes a few days ahead — as we celebrated.

I am a born-again Royalist. In my ‘youth’ I really didn’t see a need for the Royals. But, I have, with age, become a huge fan of THIS Queen. She is a treasure. Can’t say the same about all the Royals, but this Queen, indubitably, stands alone. I, like millions of others, will be sad to see her go. She has been my Queen all my life!

Happy Anniversary.

DirecTV Ultimate (225+) vs. XTRA (210+) Program Package Comparison With Full Listing.


Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

As I have been alluding for the last 72 hours I am seriously thinking about switching from DISH to DirecTV. To start with, 3 nights ago, the motivation was that I could still get TEN Cricket on DirecTV. Now I know that that is not going to be the case. But, in the process of checking out DirecTV I realize that I might be able to get some serious price breaks over the $100+ I now pay DISH even after I cancelled my $19.95/month ‘Cricket Pack’.

But, switching TV providers is not something I take lightly. So, I have to research it thoroughly (as is my wont).

I have the ‘250 Channel’ package with DISH and I am sure that there are 200 Channels I have never looked at I am kind of at ease with that lineup.

With DirecTV that ‘250’ is somewhere between their XTRA and Ultimate packages. Today I received 3 glossy sheets in the mail from DirecTV, which is one heck of a coincidence, where they claim that (at least for the 1st year, though they now claim a ‘3-year lock in) the difference in price between the two packages will be $5/month!

Yes, they indeed do provide a package comparison feature on their Website. That did not cut the mustard. So, I just got hold of the two PDF guides for each package and did some of my data manipulation ‘magic’ and thre it into a spreadsheet.

There is a 25 Channel difference including 3 music channels!

$5/month. As Deanna would say $60/year. $180 over 3 years.

I created a PDF showing the channels from the two packages side-by-side as follows. Click on the image below to get the small and safe Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Click to access complete comparison as a PDF.