DirecTV Ultimate (225+) vs. XTRA (210+) Program Package Comparison With Full Listing.


Anura Guruge

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As I have been alluding for the last 72 hours I am seriously thinking about switching from DISH to DirecTV. To start with, 3 nights ago, the motivation was that I could still get TEN Cricket on DirecTV. Now I know that that is not going to be the case. But, in the process of checking out DirecTV I realize that I might be able to get some serious price breaks over the $100+ I now pay DISH even after I cancelled my $19.95/month ‘Cricket Pack’.

But, switching TV providers is not something I take lightly. So, I have to research it thoroughly (as is my wont).

I have the ‘250 Channel’ package with DISH and I am sure that there are 200 Channels I have never looked at I am kind of at ease with that lineup.

With DirecTV that ‘250’ is somewhere between their XTRA and Ultimate packages. Today I received 3 glossy sheets in the mail from DirecTV, which is one heck of a coincidence, where they claim that (at least for the 1st year, though they now claim a ‘3-year lock in) the difference in price between the two packages will be $5/month!

Yes, they indeed do provide a package comparison feature on their Website. That did not cut the mustard. So, I just got hold of the two PDF guides for each package and did some of my data manipulation ‘magic’ and thre it into a spreadsheet.

There is a 25 Channel difference including 3 music channels!

$5/month. As Deanna would say $60/year. $180 over 3 years.

I created a PDF showing the channels from the two packages side-by-side as follows. Click on the image below to get the small and safe Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Click to access complete comparison as a PDF.

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