New Hampshire As Of June 4, 2013 Has An Official State Vegetable — The White Potato.


Anura Guruge

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NHpotatoIt is amazing what you learn when you spend a few hours at the State House. Today, I learned that on Tuesday, June 4, the Governor, in front of a group of kids from Derry, who pushed for the bill, created the white potato as our official State Vegetable. I now need to go update my ‘NH Facts‘ page. I must confess that I thought it was kind of incongruous that the Granite State and potato cultivation would go hand-in-hand. Like all true Brits, of at least all true Brits pre-1990s, I had hands-on experience growing spuds. It is something that all British men were expected to do, like going to the pub. I used all sorts of stuff to soften the clay soil. I think it is basically plaster of Paris that you dig in, water causing the plaster to expand ‘cracking’ the soil. So, I am thinking, it was hard enough growing spuds in England where the soil isn’t that bad, BUT in NH where we have solid ledge poking through the soil.

I myself immediately thought of Virginia (no, no, NOT the Director of the State House Visitor Center). The State. Also thought of MA. But, as the WMUR article states Virginia (the State) has conceded — though I, as a hostorian, think that they might have been a tad too rash. I checked my favorite first source for all such matters. Wikipedia. They don’t mention NH. Never mind. We have a State Vegetable. Pity I don’t eat potatoes anymore. Very fond of them, but they are so, so high in carbs.



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