I Signed Up With DirecTV: Most Belittling, Degrading Experience I Have Endured In Years! I Was Sick To My Stomach After Call!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I did get SATISFACTION and ULTIMATE for $34.99 that I desired!
See June 14, 2013 post.

It amazes me, as somebody who was Customer Support Manager for ITT (UK), that in this day and age corporations still think that abusing customers from the get-go, treating them with utmost contempt and trying to deceive them at every turn is the right way to attract business.

But, I guess it works BECAUSE I did eventually sign-up with DirecTV, with a 2 year contract, THOUGH I hung up on 5 different reps, yesterday alone, before I did the deed.

But, I still feel VIOLATED — though the person I ended up doing the deal with seemed like an outstanding young gentleman, who should go far. Though I was SUPPOSED to be talking to a ‘local’ company in Dover, NH, this exemplary young (I think) man was based in North Carolina and claimed he worked directly for DirecTV. He gave me a name. Not sure whether it is kosher since I also realized that all the female reps that work for DirecTV claim that their name is ‘Wanda’ — and no wonder I still feel sick to my stomach. Just to finish off about this young man, I think, and I could be wrong, he was black — and given that we are talking about my ‘second home’, North Carolina, this could be the case. He was good. I am thankful for that.

Yes, everything that you see in the DISH ads about DirecTV having millions of hidden fees is true.

I was also lucky that a DISH rep told me last week that I would be responsible for the replacement of all of my equipment after the first 30 days. CORRECT. So if my high-tech Genie, basically an Windows XP PC in disguise, fails after 30 days I would be on the hook for $200 UNLESS I bought into the protection plan. Given my experience with DirecTV I would NOT be surprised if they did not sabotage the equipment of customers who did not buy the protection, 90 days into the deal, just to make more money. No, I am not impressed with DirecTV. So, I ended up buying 3 years worth of protection, which I have already paid for on my credit card, for $39.99.

DirecTV sent me a 3 page flyer 3 weeks ago saying that I could have the Ultimate package for $34.99 for the 1 year.

That was the first hurdle. There was NO way they were going to give me that! I hung up on 5 folks, at least 3 of them called ‘Wanda’ because of that. I called the supposed ‘local’ NH retailer in Amherst, NH. That was a JOKE!

I then Googled for other retailers and got this number for Dover, NH — which was answered in NC!

This guy, ‘Robert’, was at least upfront. He told me that there was no way I would get the prices quoted on the flyer. But, I could get an electronic discount and I had a referral discount (Deanna’s cousin) — though I have YET to see that. That is a promise.

Then Robert HIT me, apologetically, with a $105 … handling charge. I hit the roof. He put a supervisor on the line. She reduced it, though it was not apples-to-apples, to $34. But I still had to buy the equipment protection. Bottom line it came to $75 — but that was better than $105. It was bloody amazing. Given the 5 prior calls yesterday, I was on the phone with DirecTV for over 2 hours. All the time I felt as I was been reamed with a burning hot poker up my backside. A few years ago I got a cystoscopy. That is when they put this dirty big microscope, with lights, up your pee-pee. Well, cystoscopy was less painful than my dealings yesterday with DirecTV.

So why did I, a man not noted for his patience, preserve? Because I knew I could cut my DISH bill by 50% and get more! Contrary to what so many think I am not totally stupid. Just partly. I had done my sums. I had a referral that supposedly gave me $10 off a month. So, I was ready. Yes, I had a SpreadSheet.

So, I did the deed, Robert in general doing his best though he was constrained by the DirecTV shenanigans.

I have everything in writing — in triplicate. BUT, I do NOT trust them. I know that there will be altercations down the road — like I have yet to see the $10 referral discount (and yes, I gave them account numbers, names, relationships, inside leg measurements, Social Securities etc. etc.).

It was NOT a good experience. I am still sick to my stomach.

Then I had to cancel my DISH account. I did that through TDS since I pay DISH via TDS — and get a $5/month discount for doing so.

I was transferred to 2 wrong people. Finally I got a DISH cancellation specialist. Bingo, before I could even open my mouth she is offering me a $20 discount. Then when I finally managed to get out that I wanted to cancel, the discount went up to $35. But, it needed to be $55 to match my first 12 months with DirecTV. Plus, by then I had already PAID DirecTV $75 — which was charged to my card within 14 seconds of me giving them my 3-digit security code.

I still have to confirm, to be doubly sure, that my DISH is cancelled.

DirecTV is going to send me all my equipment, including the dish, via UPS! That is why I had to pay $35. [And yes, I have to pay $17/each to return my DISH boxes.]

This is not funny. I am not impressed. I am not happy. I would not recommend DirecTV or DISH to anyone!

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