This ‘NH Life’ Blog Inching Towards 100,000 Views.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Not sure if any body notices but if you look at the BLOG STATS just to the right of you (>>>>) you will see that it is reading 99,xxx.

That means that one of these days this blog would reach its 100,000 views mark to join my popes-and-papacy, Windows 7 Professional and Papam blogs. It also means that there has been over 64,000 hits just in 2013, double what I had for all of 2012, though I only started blogging in anger on this blog around August of last year.

Contrary to what you might think I can’t personally bump up these stats myself — or at least I can’t do it easily. These stats are provided directly by WordPress and they exclude all hits coming from the same IP address as the blog admin, i.e., me. So for me to bump up these stats I have to use a totally different Internet connection. While, of course, I could do that, I have better things to do and I have never really gained any satisfaction in fudgging stats or buying reviews for my books.

IF you happen to notice that YOU are the 100,000 visitor, by seeing the counter at 100,000 take a screenshot, please. Look up how to do that because it depends on what you are using. On Windows 7 you can just use the handy-dandy snipping tool. If you send me the screenshot I will send you a nice present — possibly a book.

Thanks. Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting this blog.

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