Had DirecTV Installed Yesterday. Not 100% Happy. Gave Me An OLD HR34 ‘Genie’ vs. HR 44 I Should Have Got.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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I am NOT happy.

There were some good bits BUT I am not happy.

My appointment was to be between 8 to noon. Got 4 calls — the last 2 said the tech would be late. Then I got a call from the Tech. He said he was LOST! Couldn’t tell me where he was. Said he was in the woods. But he got here at 11:33. He was decent enough.

Came in an open truck NOT a single decal or sign saying DirecTV. But, said he had worked for DirecTV for 14 years.

The installation was as simple as could be. I already had all the wiring from DISH. So all he had to do was install his dish and unhook the coaxes going from the DISH equipment and tap into that.

Though he claimed he had worked for DirecTV for 14 years I later found out that he didn’t even know how to set my TV’s to the proper resolution! I had to reset those.

PIP wasn’t working, neither was YouTube.

Got those working after a 90 phone call today. Still can’t get sound on YouTube. I gather that is a common problem. Had to reset the Genie to get PIP and YouTube.

Not good.

I am bummed. These guys are WAY WAY worse than DISH!

They have already billed me WITHOUT sending me a statement.

I am not happy.

2 thoughts on “Had DirecTV Installed Yesterday. Not 100% Happy. Gave Me An OLD HR34 ‘Genie’ vs. HR 44 I Should Have Got.

  1. Leslie Marentes

    They provide you with a timeframe to give you an idea – they cannot anticipate accidents, traffic, getting lost etc. Things happen. Also, DTV hires third party installers, just like DISH and most cable companies. This means that an installer does work for DTV, chances are they work for DISH or other companies as well. You are notified when you are set up for automatic payment you get a discounted price because you are going PAPERLESS, so no statement is mailed. Sounds like your complaints are just due to lack of education on this particular subject. Genie is just like a computer system….sometimes you need to reboot!

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