Reasons 1 To 10 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#1. They palmed me off with an older, now discontinued model HR 34 Genie DVR though they are charging me $25/month for ‘Advanced Receiver‘ and I should have got the new HR 44 which DirecTV cut0ver to in April 2013.

#2. PIP did not work. Had to make a 90 minute call and reboot system to get PIP to finally work.

#3. They installed a used, scratched, paint splattered ‘Internet connect‘ box which the installer found under the front seat of his unmarked, open truck.

#4. The coax cable that the installer fabricated to connect their ‘power box’ to the Genie had an intermittent fault in it and I had to replace the coax 40 minutes after he left.

#5. I still can’t get any TV Apps.

# 6. As with PIP took me a call and ‘hours’ on the phone to get YouTube to work. But, no sound. Appears others have the same problem.

#7. DirecTV tried to automatically bill me for $7.99/month for a Protection Plan when I NEVER ordered one and don’t plan to get one.

#8.NewsMix‘, Channel 352, that is featured in the booklet that they gave me, and a feature perfect for a news junkie like me, was discontinued in November 2012.

#9. 6 hours after installation they billed $45.99 to my credit card though they still haven’t generated a bill for me!

#10. Installer calls me up at 11:15 am, when the appointment was between 8 am to noon, and starts shouting at me that my street is not on (his) GPS, that he is LOST and is somewhere in the woods.

I have just filed a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint, at the L. A. Office, for the HR 34 rather than HR 44 scam.

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