Quite A Weekend For Aston Martin. I Was Just Visiting Them To Oggle The New ‘Rapide S’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This weekend’s ‘Market Watch‘ had a rave article about the Aston Martin ‘Rapide S’. Called it a beauty. I always find it pleasing (and encouraging) when U.S. media appreciates the beauty of our cars — rather than just our Royals and film stars.

I get regular e-mails from Bentley — because about 12 years ago I wrote a case study on them. Aston Martin, knowing that I am so far from their target demographics as the Earth is from the Oort cloud, quite rightly keeps me in the dark. But I wanted to see more of this beauty because I really do like Aston’s though I have never even sat in one.

I went and was greeted by this black screen. Wow. That was news to me. I don’t follow the Le Mans. Not sure if I ever did though I used to follow F-1. I was impressed. That showed class, though I think they could have done it better. The text is so small. Plus, they didn’t actually give you a way to enter the site after that! That is not good. I had to get in via a Google link.

They still have the black screen today at 'astonmartin.com'.

They still have the black screen today at ‘astonmartin.com’.

Here is one video from YouTube of the crash. Lots more. Very strange.

Here is one video from YouTube of the crash. Lots more. Very strange.

Shame about Allan Simonsen, 34. Always unsettling to hear of race car drivers driving. Very strange accident.  He went off the track on his own. Mechanical failure? Busted strut? Did he have a medical condition. Don’t know.

But Aston Martin, as it says TODAY, on the black screen, came in 3rd. Well, that isn’t good. If you don’t win Le Mans … just don’t say anything and try again next year.

And now for this absolutely, near perfect beauty. Why somebody would buy a German car IF they could afford this is always mystery to me (especially if you are Jewish, and here I am referring to a Jewish friend of mine, who was very committed to the ‘Jewish’ cause, BUT would boast that he had $72,000 of German cars sitting on his driveway and this was in 1992).

It is permissible to drool. Click to ENLARGE.

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