Reasons 26 To 30 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#26. No sound last night on ‘Military Channel’, #287, and the two channels below it. Same problem I had had with Channel 203 Sunday night. 

#27. A Google of ‘No Sound‘ problem (above) reveals that it is a well known problem and has to do with Standard Definition (SD) channels on an HDMI-connected High Definition configuration. See Google search results below.

#28. The installed who appeared decent enough LIED to me explicity about EXACTLY this problem because I asked him about it, using HDMI, SD, HD terminology and he said that ‘no, no, you won’t have any sound problems using HDMI‘. Like so many others associated with DirecTV he lied to me point-blank.

#29. The frigging DirecTV Genie only has one set of RCA audio/video, i.e., the yellow, red, white plugs, output, so I have to disconnect my DVD recorder so as to fix the damn ‘No Sound’ problem by having a parallel audio connection. DirecTV stinks.

#30. DirecTV does not supply a booklet of anything that shows a diagram of the Genie back panel so that I could work out how to fix the bloody ‘No Sound’ problem. Yes, I can find the damn picture on the Web but that doesn’t help me much, at 11:30 pm at night, when I am on my hands and knees behind the accursed DirecTV HR-34 Bloody Genie. 


Google search if you type "direct tv no sound on some channels". Try it. Click to ENLARGE.

Google search if you type “direct tv no sound on some channels”. Try it. Click to ENLARGE.

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