The Genius of TDS Telecom Is All In Their Billing Process.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Though I had railed about this for six months, 3 years ago, I had forgotten about it since I just opted to pay my TDS bill, electronically, at least a week before it was due. That was the only way I could prevent TDS from claiming, bogusly, on my next bill that I had not paid my bill by my due date.

Let me give you some dates so you can understand the issue. As you can see from this snippet from my July, yes July 2013, bill, my due date is July 26. It is and always has been around that, i.e., 26 or 27 of the month.

The way I look at it, and believe me I had plenty of experience paying bills, that means I have to get them my payment on or by the 26th or 27th.

Not so with TDS.

They require at least 3 business days prior to your due date to process your payment, even if you pay electronically. Now note that no credit card demands this. If you have a credit card bill that says due date June 26, you can pay on June 26 and all parties are cool.

But, not so TDS.

But, it gets better. Hence the genius of TDS.

They claim that they ‘cut’ my next month’s bill by the 27th of each month so that it can be in my hand by the 1st of the next month — the 3 days to account for the mail, though I get my bill electronically.

Wait. Wait. It gets better.

To cut the 1st of the month bill on the 27th they close their books on the 24th. I kid you not.

Now again you have to remember the 3 business days to process your payment.

This means, per the genius of TDS, that you need to get your ‘due on the 27th’ payment to TDS by ‘the 21st’ to avoid them claiming that you were delinquent in your payments — and furthermore reporting this to the credit rating companies! Sheer genius.

So now I pay my TDS bill on the 20th to be on the safe side, though my due date is the 27th. That is a ‘week’ ahead.

So, why this sudden outburst. I paid my DISH bill through TDS — for which I got a monthly $5 discount.

I cancelled my DISH account as of June 21. I have e-mails etc. to prove it and DISH, to their credit, has never contested that.

But, my July 1, 2013, TDS bill, which I received electronically on June 26, one day ahead of my June pay date, had DISH billing from June 29 to July 28, 2013. Nice.

Yes, I ranted.

Their accuse. They started cutting the bill on the 21st.

I won’t tell you how this problem was fixed. But, it was not pretty.

I did a quick Google on what others have to say about TDS billing. Not pretty.

So just a heads up.

You might want to check your credit rating …

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