Alton (NH) July 3, 2013 Fireworks: An Impressive Finale, Much Appreciated, Makes It All Worthwhile.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The Alton, NH, July 3, 2013, fireworks, as is so often the case these days with local shows, redeemed itself and sent the crowds home happy thanks to an impressive finale.

Overall it was ‘OK’. Bit listless and lacking in any ‘Ooomp‘ to begin with. We only heard one ‘WOW‘ prior to the finale.

As ever we were on the bridge, straight across from the fireworks. The barge seemed a tad further out than normal. Prior to the finale there wasn’t many body thumping bangs. It was pretty quiet. So much so that people were talking during the fireworks. Right then and there I came up with a rule-of-thumb. At ‘good’ fireworks people don’t talk and moreover it is hard to hold a conversation.

The fireworks started at 9:22 and finished at 9:37. So 15 minutes on the clock. There was a nice touch at the end. They did a white fireworks ‘curtain’ to finish and then the barge lit up with multicolored lights. That was cute.

You can see the boat traffic in the pictures. It wasn’t heavy. Steve Parker of the eponymous marina in Alton Bay chatted with us prior to the start. He was commenting that 20 years ago the bay used to be packed.

There was a fair crowd. I think, but I could be wrong, that it was a bit lighter than the ‘norm’. We got there around 8:35 and parking was not a problem. We park on the steep hill going down to the bay and ew had no problem parking very close to the bay.

People seemed to have fun. I think everybody was so glad that it had stopped raining. 

All the pictures taken by Deanna on her Panasomic Lumix DMC-Zs19
— using the ‘fireworks‘ setting.

Click to ENLARGE.

Definitely worth seeing in full-size. Enjoy.

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