Reasons 56 To 60 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This afternoon, at 12:43 pm, with no notification from e-mail, my cell phone rings and it is a ‘Problem Resolution Specialist’ (with a middle eastern voice) from DirecTV responding to my e-mail from yesterday (#55) that my remote control was not responding. All the following items have to do with this phone call that lasted 49 minutes and 15 seconds.

#56. He basically said right up front that the problem I was encountering was that the receiver, i.e., the Genie HR-34, was not responding fast enough to my click on the video. The first thing he wanted to do was to change my video resolution setting from Native = ON to OFF (essentially saying that Native = On was a mistake). I protested. I said that it was I, after some Web research that turned it on. He assured me that he was an expert, that he had 4 HD TVs at home and that Native =Off would ensure automatically that I always got the highest resolution per the program being broadcast. Reluctantly, I turned off Native. But, remember I am a pedantic old beggar, particularly so when it comes to most things technical. I now insisted that we test it out. I could tell from his voice that he was surprised. So I punched in 202 for CNN and checked the resolution 720p. That did not look good — in every sense of the word. He even got me to get up and check the lights at the front of the Genie. I didn’t know, since I had never bothered to look, that the Genie has 4 bright blue lights that indicates the current resolution being displayed. 720p. He then said, “well CNN only broadcasts in 720p” (and THIS after I had told him that I have had HD TVs since 1999). I knew that that wasn’t right. So I asked him to tell me a channel that would show that the Genie was displaying in 1080p or 1080i. While talking I tried the Boston Fox station. That usually transmits in highest possible resolution. Still 720p. He said try HBO on 501. Still 720p. I wasn’t giving up. I told him to give a channel that will display in 1080. He put me on hold. He came back. He was distressed. He had got it all wrong! CNN does transmit in 1080. I immediately went back and changed video resolution to Native = On. CNN immediately was displaying in 1080p. So was channel 25, Boston Fox. He was WRONG. He was dead wrong. So much for being a DirecTV Problem Resolution Specialist. he knew less about the box than I did, and I had only had it for 10 days. So, another black eye for DirecTV. After that point, this guy who had started off quite arrogantly was quite subdued. Yes, though I was polite I did, in my own inimitable way, make sure that he realized that he had been caught out — totally. So, much for DirecTV expertise.

#57.This guy CONFIRMED that the the ‘no sound’ with SD is a known problem — though if you go to the DirecTV Technical Support Forum you will see that DirecTV denies that!

#58. This guy CONFIRMED that the Genie Mini does not support PIP.

#59. This guy CONFIRMED that the Genie does not have a ‘jump to LIVE’ capability.

#60. And here was the BEST part. When I told him that I am sure that the Genie HR-34 was never tested, he said: ‘Oh, no. Me and a number of people that work here tested it for a number of months‘. Oh, dear. He wasn’t very savvy. DirecTV!

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