Reasons 61 To 65 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Some of these relate back to what I learned from the DirecTV ‘Problem Resolution Specialist‘ who called me yesterday — and among other things proved that he (and most likely DirecTV) are clueless as to true High Definition mode, i.e., above 720p, setups.

#61. According to this ‘Problem Resolution Specialist‘ DirecTV has set 8 seconds, yes 8 seconds, as the acceptable time for a Genie HR-34 to perform an operation, e.g., change a channel! Yes, 8 seconds. Count it. That is incredibly long. But, as long as your Genie will do things in less than 8 seconds DirecTV does not deem it a problem. They might as well set that ‘timer’ to 15 minutes!

#62. This 8 second delay threshold confirmed what I was beginning to fear with DirecTV (having been with DISH for 3 years):  DirecTV is not targeting a sophisticated customer base, their target market seems to be the lower-end consumer. If this is not the case, how can you justify that DirecTV thinks it is ‘OK’ to tell a customer that 8 seconds to go from one channel to another is acceptable?

#63. This guy CONFIRMED that their installers turn off Dolby, even if they know you have a surround sound system, because Dolby only works with the HD channels. See ‘no audio’ problems in the prior posts, e.g., #57.

#64. When I asked him, this guy told me that the green‘ and ‘blue‘ buttons on the remote permit be to jump 12 hours ahead or back on the guide. Yes, they do that, but so do the << and >> buttons on the top and that is what the legend at the bottom of the guide tells you to use. So these buttons are just taking up space on the controller, as I had suspected.

#65. Got an e-mail today from DirecTV, yet again welcoming me (and that irks me because I hate them so) … with 2 tips on how to get the best from the Genie. The first tip was that I can use the ‘yellow’ button to get to PIP. I tried it. ‘Yellow‘ button just duplicates the INFO button which is more or less right next to it. So that is another scam.

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