Don McLean, Mr. American Pie, July 4, 2013 At Portland, ME, ‘Stars and Stripes Spectacular’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click for the videos of Don McLean from Portland.

Don McLean (67), who now lives in Camden, ME (a delightful locale, for sure), sang ‘Vincent’ and ‘American Pie’, in two separate slots at the Portland spectacular last night.

He was brilliant. You could feel his presence. Gave me goosebumps when he started singing ‘American Pie’ — one of my all time favorites. Yes, of course, his voice is a bit raspy and the ‘so so‘ sound system made his guitar a tad too raspy. But it was still brilliant. He held an estimated 30,000(+) crowd transfixed, bar Teischan, who chose the middle of ‘American Pie’ to demand that she had to be taken to the porta potty! ‘American Pie’, obviously, does not resonate with 7 year olds though she likes music and apple pie.

We are delighted that we went. It really was a spectacular. Thank YOU, Portland. We will be back next year. If you can get Don to come back that would be real special.

All the pictures (bar the last 4 ) taken by Deanna on her
Panasomic Lumix DMC-Zs19.

Click to ENLARGE.

Definitely worth seeing in full-size. Enjoy.

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