Reasons 66 To 70 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#66. Last night and this morning I had a devil of a job trying to get Channel 355 (CNBC) on the Genie Mini. Just wouldn’t accept the Channel number. Was doing crazy things. Basically I was not punching in the numbers at a speed that the Genie Mini could react. So it was taking me all over the place. Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 55 … Each time it took me about 6 tries! 

#67. Scrolling through the Guide on the Genie Mini is incredibly slow. So slow that your scroll down motion requests get backlogged. Then when you get to a channel you want to stop at … it just keeps going on! So last night I had started at Channel 263 and started scrolling down (i.e., going up through the channels). I wanted to stop at 287. By the time it finished processing all my backlog of keystrokes we were at 440! I had to then punch in 287 to go back. This is beyond a joke.

#68. This morning I tried, on the Genie Mini to finish watching a previously documented, non-HD documentary. So I selected it from the Play List and hit resume. It started playing in a stretched out, thumbnail window on the top left corner of the screen! I had to hit FORMAT on the Remote Controller, hit EXIT, go back and start again before it started playing it full screen as it should!

#69. That there is no PIP on the Genie Mini is really annoying me. The Genie Mini is upstairs on our bedroom TV. This is what I watch in the morning while I have my first cup of coffee. Especially now with cable news channels obsessed with that stupid trial from Sanford, FL., I really would like to watch CNBC and MSNBC side-by-side and flip to whichever is showing something useful. No can do. As for the trial, we all know that he is going to walk. So what is the big deal? 

#70. I got this ‘tough, but we don’t really care — go screw yourself‘ response to my complaint to the BBB that I was given a Genie HR-34 rather than the HR-44 that I should have received.
On July 03, 2013, the business provided the following information:
We regret to hear you are not fully satisfied with the equipment installed. We make every attempt to provide our new customers with our newest technology.
It is important to note that the HR 34 model is in no way obsolete. The main differences between the HR 34 and HR 44 are that the HR 44 has a wireless DECA (the internet conversion box behind the receiver) and an optical audio output.
The HR 44 is still being phased out to certain markets where the local office has technicians trained to service the equipment. As such, we are unable to provide you with the requested HR 44 model.
If you are experiencing issues with the HR 34 model it may be an isolated issue. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you need any further assistance.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. Certain equipment may be reused to save on costs, similar to other companies in the industry. We do take measures to ensure the equipment is fully functional before it is sent out.
Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to respond to these concerns.
DIRECTV Office of the President”

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