Reasons 71 To 75 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#71. Now the remote for the Genie Mini is giving me grief; q.v. #66. This morning it took me two attempts to power up the Genie Mini and the TV — this remote programmed, by the DirecTV tech that did the installation, to turn both of them on together, when I hit the ‘ON’ button.

#72. DirecTV had sent a cheaply printed ‘sample of what you can watch in July‘ flyer in the mail, along with other assorted junk. For Saturday, July 20, in the highlighted orange box for PREMIERS on Saturday it claims “Here Comes the Boom“. Not true. Actually a lie. I recorded and already watched that movie! So it can’t be premiering on Saturday, July 20.  Actually it was the 1st movie that I taped when I got DirecTV on June 21. So much for their veracity.

#73. Though they claim that I can order programming through my account on the Web, it does not seem to let me have the option for selecting Willow cricket!

#74. I have now made 5 calls to try and get the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is totally of no interest to me, cancelled. I am still not sure whether they have cancelled it. However, two folks, who work for DirecTV have told me, though they claimed that they didn’t have the power to cancel it, that DirecTV will whack me for upwards of a hundred dollars for this in early 2014 IF I haven’t cancelled it by then.

#75. Just now, in the mail, I received a fat envelope from DirecTV with two MORE, fancy, elaborate, FAKE $100 ‘Gift Cards’ to tell me that that is what I can get for referring folks to DirecTV. I now have a total of five of these stupid, but expensive to produce, cards. I asked for NO PAPER when I signed up with these clowns. I hate to see trees cut for useless promotions. OK, send me two cards. Then no more. Save the production costs and postage. Pass on the bloody savings. I would rather have my little finger chopped off than ever recommend DirecTV — even to somebody that I do not like. 

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