Alton Central School (ACS), N. H.: School Buses Fail To Pick Up A Number Of Students Attending Summer Programs This Morning.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Did not affect us since Deanna drove Devanee for her 8 am -11 am ‘Future Prospects Club‘ community activity session.

As she was driving home, close to 8 am, she gets a call. A boy, attending the same session had been waiting for a bus to pick him up since 7:20. He was now thinking of walking to school, by himself, on Rte 28!

I won’t, of course, mention names. But, suffice to say the boy did NOT walk to school.

At 11 we went to pick up Devanee. I went to see if the boy had a way of getting back home. I was met by a teacher who I know. Again, for now, I will refrain from mentioning names to avoid the blushes. She tells me (with what I rightly or wrongly perceived as ‘rather glibly‘) something along the lines: ‘yes, this being the first morning a number of kids got left behind, so we are now making sure they go back on the bus so that the driver knows‘! That did not make me feel very good. I do NOT know what the school, or this teacher, was doing at 8 am. I hope there was a head count and that prompt measures were taken to account for the kids waiting, some outside, for the bus.

This is a COINCIDENCE, but I have here, in my inbox, an e-mail from an Alton mother about this very same teacher — who I think is also classed as an administrator. She is supposed to have told this mother, a few weeks ago, that her son (who I think falls into the ‘special needs’ category due a medical condition) FELL THROUGH THE CRACKS.

Fell through the cracks!

Here we are NOT talking about any cracks in the flooring of ACS. The floors are in good shape.

We are talking about cracks in the administration.

As far as I am concerned, a few kids fell through some other cracks this morning.

Of course these things happen.

But, is it a coincidence?

What I never see at ACS is accountability. Everybody is Teflon coated. The buck never stops at anybody. It just gets tossed away with disdain.

Well, as ever, my primary goal is to document this stuff so that we have a record.

Yes, I will send this post to the Superintendent, Bill Lander, the Principal and two School Board Members.

Yes, I will, rest assured, be doing another post on the: ‘fell through the cracks‘.

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