Is Alton, NH Giving Property Tax Delinquents A Free Ride?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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One of my many foibles is that I try to pay all my bills and obligations (when I can) — which is why, as I explained in this comment, I am stuck with DirecTV, though having DirecTV is making me physically ill!

So, on Friday, June 28, 2013, we went to the Alton Town Hall to pay our property taxes and also register our van. I did the property taxes and Deanna did the registration.

The Alton Tax Collector is very nice. So after giving her my check I asked her if I could have a look at the current tax delinquent list. She told me that there isn’t one! She invited me, then and there, to look through the tax records and work out who was delinquent — but again assured me that there was no list.

I need to talk to a few people about this. I know that one of them had asked this same question earlier in the year and was told that the list was being updated.

So something has transpired.

I also got thinking. I can’t recall seeing any town enforced foreclosures — though I don’t monitor such things.

I have to suspect, though I could be wrong, that Alton has at least a couple of folks who are a few years in the hole.

I really wonder what the story is. I will, with luck, ask a few folks this evening — at the ad hoc Alton Central School (ACS) School Board meeting to handle the bids for the roof repair.

I would be somewhat miffed if I find that the town is giving delinquents a free ride.

So, I will stay on this too.

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