Reasons 86 To 90 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#86. The ‘LIST’ (i.e., list of recorded programs) does NOT tell you how many programs you have recorded, just the amount of disk space left (in my case, right now 83%). I need to know the NUMBER of programs I have recorded — as I could with DISH. So with the DISH ‘list’ not only did you get a total number of items recorded, but each recorded program had a sequence number relative to the total. So, I would know, for example, that I had 176 programs recorded. That was critical intelligence for me. I knew that about 80% of that number would be movies. So I would know, right away, that I had just over a 3 months CACHE of recorded movies. That was always my goal. 3 months of movie on file. That way IF I cancelled or lost a movie channel (because the promo period ran out) I knew I could go for 3 months without having to worry about getting more new movies.

#87. The ‘GUIDE’ in addition to not telling you the proper channel name [e.g., ‘Bloomberg’, as I explained in #83], also has a cryptic ‘white’ tab against the Channel symbols, very like the ‘green’ tab that Excel puts on some cells to let you know that there is additional information associated with that cell. It is definitely because of this. When I see that ‘tab’ I want to know what it says behind it. But, I have yet to work out how I can click on that ‘tab’. Very frustrating. But, that is the watchword when it comes to DirecTV: ‘frustrating‘.

#88. I first reported this in #71, but yesterday, i.e., Monday, I just could not, and I mean COULD NOT, get the remote for the Genie Mini to accept 202 or 355. I am not kidding. Just would not take in those damn numbers. I would start punching in ‘2 …’ and it would immediately go to Channel 2! I would wait and I would start again. Now it would go to Channel 25 … that being the nearest to ’20’. After 4 f*ing attempts I had to haul myself out of bed, go upto the f*ing Genie Mini, put the damn controller right up against it and punch in 202. That worked. Then I was OK since I could use PREV. I hate DirecTV. Worst company in the World, hands down.

#89. Happened 5 times yesterday, on two separate occasions, with Channel 202 & 355 [i.e., CNN & CNBC]. When I selected the channel I got a BLACK screen. Nothing, but nothing on it. No sound. Just a BLACK screen. Had to hit PREV to go back and then start again. F*ing stupid. The Genie Mini is a piece of garbage.

#90. Also, yesterday morning with the bloody remote for the Genie f*ing Mini. Mute would only work, every other push. This is so pathetic. I have said it before, I will say it before. DirecTV’s business model appears to be that of giving their customers untested, inferior products and then holding them to a 2 year contract. 

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