Reasons 96 To 100 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#96. The erratic volume levels that I mentioned in #46 drive me nuts. I had been watching a recorded documentary: “The King’s Speech: Revealed”. I don’t think it was HD. Downstairs on the Genie, with my Philips Dolby sound bar, the volume was ‘OK’, probably because I had it cranked up high. Yesterday morning I wanted to finish watching it upstairs via the Genie Mini and the 27″ Philips HD TV. There was hardly any volume. I had to crank up the TV’s volume to MAX to be able to hear anything!

#97. By coincidence had another volume event downstairs last night. We had been watching “New Year’s Eve” (which was quite good). It was in HD and I had the volume to a level that was comfortable. When the movie was done, I hit stop … and that brought up CNN. The CNN volume (also in HD) was at least twice as loud! I had to scramble for the audio remote to turn down the volume before it woke up the neighbours.

#98. By happenchance I happened to see a DirecTV information clip (and I am not sure how it came up) on how to set the FAVORITES. It is by no way intuitive. No wonder I had struggled to set it up. It really would have been nice if DirecTV gave you a small printed booklet with how to setup all these functions.

#99. Both remotes are possessed. Typically when we go down to watch TV I am a few minutes ahead of Deanna and I turn on the TV & Genie while Deanna settles down. Last night she was already seated next to me when I turned on the TV & Genie. And this was to be a 4-minute wait event. She could not believe it. I showed her how all the buttons were dead. She was amazed. Then about 4 minutes into it everything starts working.

#100. The upstairs remote, for the Genie Mini, is definitely on the blink. More often than not I have to hit a button TWICE before it does anything. Just a few minutes ago, when I tried to turn it off … the volume bar came up, as if I had hit the volume button rather than OFF! Second time — it worked. Very annoying.

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