Reasons 101 To 105 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#101. So this afternoon, for the first time, I lost my satellite signal because of inclement weather. I get a cryptic message along the lines ‘signal from Sat. 2 lost …’ press for more info. I do that. It did NOT tell me that I should look out of the window to see if the failure was due to bad weather! Nw I have been liberal in my use of accusing DirecTV of being stupid, but this takes the cake. The main reason I am going to lose my signal is because of cloud cover or snow on the dish. That DirecTV does not address this just proves my case that they are stupid.

#102. Of late, each time I change channels I get this annoying black message bar at the bottom of the screen to tell me that I can hit the record button to record that show. Yes, I fully appreciate by now that DirecTV is targeted at the ‘technologically unsophisticated‘ would get this message after they have seen it 500 times, PLUS it isn’t that profound. To record a show you hit the record button. Most DirecTV customers should be able to work this out after 3 weeks. The bloody bar is annoying because it obscures the news ticker on Channel 202. So today I missed an item and had to rewind the damn thing to read it.

#103. Decided to download the DirecTV android APP on to out two (2) Google Nexus 7 pads. So I go to the Google Play APP store. There are 2 DirecTV apps and one for DirecTV Genie. Of the two DirecTV apps, one says ‘tablet’. That is what we have. An Android tablet — the quintessential Android tablet at that, made for Google and running the latest Android OS. So I go to download the tablet app. Says the Google Next 7 is not supported! Ah! Yes, I could down load the other (phone) APP. Stupid.

#104. The LIVE TV guide in the DirecTV App (#103) does not show you the channel numbers. Just the names of the show. I need channel numbers. Plus I can’t find the movie channels on the LIVE TV part! Not good. The usual DirecTV stupidity and incompetence.

#105. So far, and I have only spent a few minutes playing with it,  the MOVIE section of DirecTV App (#103 & #104) only appears to show me pay-for-view movies. I am sure I haven’t found the others. But it shouldn’t be that hard.

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