This Saturday’s, viz. July 20, 2013, FREE ‘Band At The Stand’ In Wolfeboro, NH Will Be ‘Country Mile’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.P1030778

Anura Guruge

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I had never heard of them but I looked them up last night. Seems pretty decent. Appears to have been around for a long time and winning awards a decade ago.

Impressive list of gigs.

They have a rather higgledy piggledy Web page which is very much a stream of consciousness with a jumble of unmatched fonts and colors — the embedded links buried among the spurious detritus.  They really could do with an upgraded, semi-professional Website. I was also surprised that I could not find any ‘current’ video clips on YouTube. I eventually, having scrolled past it many times, eventually found some music clips on their Web page. They appear to do quite a few cover songs. I checked out ‘Chicken Fried’ since I am familiar with the Zak Brown original. They sound good. Authentic. A good structured Website with videos could do wonders for these guys — but given their apparent popularity they probably are doing just fine.

So this will be the 3rd concert this year. The last two, as chronicled in the above links, were good, one better than the other. The weather has been incredibly kind. So I am hoping we get three in a row. We plan to attend if we can. We have a few other things to do that day and it is going to be an early start for us.

But, I wanted to make sure that I gave you all a heads up on this upcoming event. Enjoy.

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