A Serious Slip Waiting To Happen At Alton Central School (ACS), NH.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I happened to notice this when I took part in the ‘Winni Walk’ on June 17, 2013. Over the last year or so I very rarely go to the back of the school and this was the first time in over a year that I had walked by the classrooms there.

I saw the non-slip covering and was very impressed. But, being who I am, I had to check that it was securely fastened. So I gently nudged it with my shoe.

Secure my foot!

It just slid off and I had to scramble to put it back on.

I was appalled.

This is an accident waiting to happen. A kid hopping on to it, as kids are wont to do, will go flying.

I was amazed that nobody at the school had noticed it.

I went back (with Deanna’s camera) and did some checking. As you can faintly see in the 3rd picture above the non-stick was glued on with haphazardly applied dabs of glue. No continuous coating. The glue is all dried up.

Right now this is a major danger to kids.

Plus, that whole retaining wall is a joke. You could not have designed a better obstacle to trip young kids. What were they thinking?

Who designed this? Who came up with the specs? Who built in? Doesn’t anybody in the school walk around the facility, once a week, checking on safety issues?

All this fuss about air quality and other non-existent issues when we have things like this right under our feet.

Well, the school better fix this soon.

I am hoping that School Board member Steve Miller, the only person on the Board that can be relied upon to consistently speakup on behalf of the kids, and in reality “Alton’s TRUE Champion for the kids“, will see this post and contact William Lander, the Superintendent.

Deanna plans to bring it up at the next School Board meeting on July 22. Well, I have a few things I want to bring up at that meeting too:

1/ Why did the Principal, Sydney Leggett convey misinformation about the July 8, 2013 school bus incident?

2/ What is the status of the Independent, 3-rd Party Bullying Investigation and are we ever going to be told, even the bare outlines of what it was all about — and, furthermore, HOW MUCH IT COST and who authorized, in terms of the vote, that payment?

3/ Why a School Board member, who would have been party to authorizing the investigation, is now claiming he was then barred from providing pertinent input to the investigation. Aaaah! Who is wagging the tail here? Yes, I have started to realize that the Administration of late [i.e., since March] appears to have autocratic, plenipotentiary powers. Not sure how that came to be. Well, actually I have a good idea.

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