“Comets: 101 Facts & Trivia”. My Latest Book. Published Today.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Well after having written the two Comet ISON books I had so much cometary data and trivia rattling around in my head, I had no choice but to write this.

I have been meaning to write a bunch of these ‘facts & trivia‘ books for years, but never had the time. So, 101 bullets or ‘nuggets of knowledge’. Deanna liked it. Said it was the best of this year’s books. Yes, it is much ‘lighter’ than the others. It is a fun book and it was fun to write. Yes, of course, I am hoping that there will be much interest in comets as Comet ISON comes into view around November of this year.

This book is a quick guide to comets in a non-traditional way. If you read all 101 nuggets you will know more about comets than you probably ever wanted to know. But, you don’t have to read all 101. This is a ‘dip at leisure‘ book.

This book will be available in paperback — probably for around $5 to $6.

But need to write another books, a children’s book, first. Going to start on that tomorrow itself (confirming the adage that there is no rest of the wicked). With luck that shouldn’t take too long to do.

8th book this year. 19th as sole-author.

[I was trying to work it out today. I think there is at least 3 other books with my name on the cover. It is bad when you can’t remember.]

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