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Reasons 132 To 137 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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See July 15, 2013 post as to why I have cut back the rants to one or two a day.

Click to ENLARGE. Today's stupid bill from DirecTV. They are idiots. Maybe I should take it back. They are imbeciles on drugs.

Click to ENLARGE. Today’s stupid bill from DirecTV. They are idiots. Maybe I should take it back. They are imbeciles on drugs.

#132. Today is a month since I had “Direc F*ING TV” installed. By far the worst decision of my long life. It has been, as chronicled here, on a daily basis, nothing but an unmitigated nightmare. There has not been one single bloody positive. There has NOT BEEN a SINGLE F*ING day without a problem. DirecTV, easily, is the worst company in the world.

#133. I check my bill on a regular basis because I know that they will try to sneak in something. Yesterday it said my balance was $0.00. Today, this. How stupid. Do you think I will get this as a credit against my bill. Don’t be stupid. 

#134. Just yesterday and today, I have had 46 hits on my post on how to fix the ‘No Sound‘ problem on the Genie HR 34! 46 hits in 2 days. The idiot installer, who I think was on drugs, told me that he had never heard of this problem. Well it is a known problem, but DirecTV tries to deny it. The installer really was a piece of work. They are all out to screw you from the get-go.

#135. The lack of PROGRAM INFO by DirecTV is beyond a joke as I have already mentioned at least 3 times, #123, #118, #23. Last night I noticed to my intense chagrin that DirecTV does not list episode numbers with TV series like ‘Four Weddings’ or the new ‘Wedding Island’. The kids like these wedding programs. With a new series like ‘Wedding Island’ using episode numbers is such an easy way to make sure you have recorded all the shows that have been broadcast. Bloody DirecTV. No episode numbers. They are so stupid.

#136. Yesterday morning when I turned on the TV and Genie ‘the garbage’ Mini I just could not, and I mean could not, get bloody CNN, Channel 202. Nothing. F*ing thing was just dead. I had to use bloody channel up/down and then go back to 202.

#137. The stupid Genie now will not turn on downstairs using just the Genie start-up button on the remote. Have to use the programmed ‘start Genie & TV’ button — even if the TV is already on. Stupid.

A ‘Fellow Of The Royal Astronomical Society’ (FRAS) Writes A Nice Review On My Comet ISON Book.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.ISONRefCoverBook

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access the comment at Amazon UK.

Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access the comment at Amazon UK.

Click here to access comment at Amazon U.K.

I did not know this gentleman till yesterday when he sent me a very nice e-mail complimenting me on the book.

[He also flagged a typo, where I had IOSN rather than ISON, which I have now fixed on both the printed and Kindle versions, this being the joy of today’s digital, on-demand, publishing.]

It is comments like these from folks that you don’t know that drives me to keep on writing books though I don’t really make a dime on these books!
It is but a very indulgent, expensive hobby — albeit, 99% of the cost really just in terms of my time since I don’t pay to have these books published
and I do, with Deanna’s help, all the work.

So, this was nice.

Writing another ISON book. Yes, that will be my 3rd on ISON and 4th on comets & 6th on astronomy.

Who would have thought that I would end up writing books on popes and astronomy.

But, that has always been the beauty of my life. I never know what I might be doing in a couple of years.

Well, must go. There is another book to be finished.

Thank you, Mr. Corneille.