Site Of ‘First Public School’ In The U.S.A. On Boston’s Freedom Trail.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.P1040026

Anura Guruge

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We went to Boston at the crack of dawn this morning to meet some Sri Lankan folks from Maryland, including a ‘cousin’ and his family, who wanted to tour Boston on their way back home from Acadia National Park in Maine.

One of the ladies, like so many female Sri Lankans in the U.S., was a Montessori teacher. She was anxious to see the ‘First Public School‘ site. I was not familiar with it. Like so many locals my familiarity with Boston’s famed Freedom Trail didn’t extend much beyond ‘Faneuil Hall‘ and the ‘Old State House‘. But, of course, it was easy enough to find on the Web.

After doing the obligatory State House, Faneuil, Quincy, Aquarium, Waterfront we wended to the location. Was easy enough to find. Just a few blocks over from the ‘Old State House’.

She was disappointed. She thought that the building would be still standing or that at least there would be a replica. Alas, no. Just an easy-to-miss plaque on the wall and the lovely mosaic inlaid into the sidewalk. But, it was worth it.

If you are by the State House walk the extra 400 yards to see the site. You can then tick it off the secondary bucket list.

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