Elephant Eating Cell Phone (iPhone) & Then Passing It Out, Unharmed! From LiveLeak.com.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access very funny video from 'liveleak.com'.

Click to access very funny video from ‘liveleak.com’.

This is funny and I can sure see an elephant doing that.

But, I am skeptical as to the phone coming out, working — unless the iPhone, and I have never owned one, is more, amazingly, watertight than other phones. There is a fair amount of bacterial action that takes place inside an elephants gut. Here is a link. I would have to think that some amount of moisture would get into the phone. Growing up in Ceylon, where we do have wild elephants, I knew of bleached wood apples that had been processed by elephants, i.e., elephants eat wood apples, which have a hard (though porous) shell (hence the name) whole … and then a few days later pass them out, intact, bleached and with nothing inside. The digestive system ‘sucks out’ the nutritional innards through the porous shell. Here is a link. We would pick up these wood apples. So, I know that this does happen — first hand.

I got this video from my friend, train expert, Mike Tisdale. He, having visited Sri Lanka, knows quite a few other Sri Lankans. So, I have asked him to get this verified.

But, in the meantime, enjoy the video. I think this was probably in Thailand.

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