Another ‘This Makes It All Worthwhile’ Review On One Of My Books.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.Anura Guruge Next Pope book at Amazon

Anura Guruge

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Click here to access comment at Amazon U.K.

Just happened to see this, this morning — since I do not check Amazon U.K. listings of my books that often.

As I said previously this is why I write books — because I do NOT make any money from them. Purely a hobby.

I think every author, who has written more than one book, knows deep down which of those books is the best one he has written.

Anura Guruge SNA Theory and Practice book at AmazonFor the longest time I knew that my first book, written in 1983 (and published in 1984), “SNA: Theory and Practice” was the best book I had written.

Writing that book was magical. I was 30 years old and my semi-photographic memory was at its peak. I wrote that book, which is very technical,
basically from memory and definitely indexed it from memory. I did not use a computer. I wrote it longhand by pencil. It is 550 page book!

But, I now know that “The Next Pope: 2011” is now my Magnum opus. It is THE book that I want to be remembered for.
Looking back I can’t actually believe that I wrote it. I amazed myself. The research that I did for that book was
beyond painstaking and extensive. Four years later I think back and go: ‘Wow, I did all that?

It is an amazing feeling.

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