The Royal Baby, My Future King, ‘Baby Cambridge’ — Some Random Thoughts.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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A frame grab from a BBC (UK) video of the Royal Baby, 'Baby Cambridge'.

A frame grab from a BBC (UK) video of the Royal Baby, ‘Baby Cambridge’.

Though I have written quite a bit about Kate Middleton and the Royals, I was not going to do a post on the Royal Baby. I assumed that there was nothing I had to add that hadn’t already been said, gushingly, by the ‘gone gaga’ media. Well, I was wrong. Last night somebody did a search on: ‘Royal Baby Anura Guruge‘! So, somebody, who could correctly spell my name, thought that I must have added my 3 cents into the fray. So, I will.

1. Of course, I am delighted. I am, as ever, delighted for the parents. Having a baby is always so wonderful. I can remember. So, no question, I am delighted for them. I am also happy for the Country. A great day. A great few years. The wedding. The Olympics. The Jubilee and now the Royal Baby.

2. I fully realize that he is 3rd in line but I will confess that doesn’t do anything for me. I think I have worked out the reason. I have seen popes come and go, BUT I have yet to see the transition of a British monarch and I am just a few weeks shy of my 60th birthday! This Queen, Elizabeth II (February 6, 1952 —>), has been my Queen ever since I was born. The first passport I had, in 1967, was issued in her name. So royal transition is not something I can relate to, though I was (and probably still am) an expert on papal transitions.

3. Unless something very, very bad happens, I will never see this baby as my King. I, given my dodgy health, might not even live long enough to see his grandfather become King. So, that adds another level of abstraction.

4. My now ardent belief in monarchism only came with age. In my 20s I never really appreciated its value. That said, my monarchism is deeply rooted in THIS QUEEN. I have grown to have enormous respect for her as an unparalleled world leader and an exceptional human being. But, that respect and affection is not automatically transferred per the ‘King is dead, long live the King‘. I still remember, each time with a shudder, his puerile ‘I want to be your tampon‘ remark! That was crude. It would be bad enough coming from a pimply, 14 year old boy just discovering sex. But, Charles was married and in his 30s. Yes, I lived not just through the Queen’s annus horribilis but through two decades of it.

5. I am not in favor of the current rules of succession, i.e., that it always goes down through the eldest offspring. I think that that dilutes the supposedly sacrosanct Royal blood. I would prefer to see it go sideways first … i.e., through all the living children of the prior monarch before it goes down to the next generation. So, I would rather see Anne take over from William. Actually I would prefer to see Princess Anne as Queen rather than Pr. Tampon! As with the Queen, I have warmed to Anne (who is close to my age) over the years. Yes, I know she has had her scandals too, but in my eyes she has more credibility. Nobody will ever convince me that Pr. Harry is the offspring of Pr. Tampon. I ‘knew’ his mother’s lover James Hewitt. Harry looks more like James than my son looks like me, and people say that my son looks like me. Not that it matters. Royal blood lines have never been pure.

6. The obsession in the U.S. for this media, particularly by the media, confuses me. Don’t they appreciate the irony! This country was founded on its opposition to the British monarchy. If the Americans are so much in love with this baby it can be arranged, quite easily, for him to be King. I am sure the U.S., as a former colony, is eligible to join our prestigious Commonwealth. Yes, I know that some will oppose it but I am sure the U.K., Canada, Australia etc. will vote for the U.S. to join.

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