“Comet ISON For Kids” — My Latest Book. The 3rd On ISON, 4th On Comets.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.ISONforkidsKindlecover150x193

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. 6 pages from the book: ‘Comet ISON for Kids’


Click to ENLARGE. From the book of course.

Click to ENLARGE. From the book of course.

This was a book I had to write and one I enjoyed writing. I hadn’t done any of my trademark illustrations in a few years. It was fun. I haven’t had the time to do both writing and ‘drawing’ up until this book. [After saying that I did this book in 2 days and the illustrations took 90% of the time. Don’t tell anybody that. That is our secret.]

Comet ISON will be quite an event for kids — exciting, enchanting but at the same time a bit scary and off putting. This book will dispel the trepidation and help enhance the fascination of experiencing this amazing celestial show.

Though meant for kids quite a few parents may want to read it first! It is a soup-to-nuts explanation of Comet ISON, with illustrations, in 24 pages. Now YOU too can answer the questions that the kids will have like an expert.

I am already working on the full-color, 28 page print version. I want it to be affordable. So I am going to sell it basically at cost! So, I think, it will be under U.S. $8.00. [Full color books are expensive to print.] Growing up the one thing I had was books. I had a lot of books. I had more books than anybody else that I knew. I want other kids to have that privilege. So this is my part. The Kindle eBook, which can be read on practically anything, whether it be a PC, Android phone, iPad, Kindle device or Mac, is as ever 99 cents. 

The eBook is available now. I published it yesterday.

Yes, my 20th book as sole author. See the new sidebar graphic. My 9th this year! I still have more to do.


Comet ISON will start becoming visible, naked eye, towards the end of October. Get this book well ahead of that.



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