Google Drive Is Rather Compelling. Easy To Use. A Few Missing Features But Very Useable.

Anura Guruge

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I have been using it EXCLUSIVELY this week. Have not even tried to access my old GoDaddy Online Storage! Created folders for all my active books on Google drive and uploaded the files. Pretty compelling. I like the interface. I just found that you can even drag-and-drop! Wow.

I am hooked. Don’t really see a need to pay for online storage if I can get 15GB free (for each Gmail account I have).

A few things that are inexplicably missing or are odd.

Though it has a really fancy preview capability and file description pane, there is no way that Google lets you see the file size! This is a known issue that has been repeatedly discussed. Don’t tell me to sort my size. That is not what I want. I like to see the size of the uploaded file since I tend to have a fairly good idea of how big a file should be. So a quick glance at file size can tell me whether the file uploaded OK — and maybe even that I uploaded the right version. Not a showstopper but rather strange to say the least. Appears that there may be a Machiavellian reason for this. This way you never get to see how Google is calculating your space used!

Another very strange but similar quirk. Doesn’t show the DATE that a file was uploaded. Just the time! I kid you not. Very bizarre.

I also have some concerns about security. But, is any Online Storage offering watertight?

But, for now, I am happy.

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