Kindle eBooks: Heads Up, Automatic Book Update Notifications & Downloads Not Working.

Anura Guruge

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Given my propensity for typos I update all my books (e- & print) quite frequently. Being able to update freely is one of the big draws of eBooks.

Given that I have updated all my comet books in the last week, I noticed that I had not received any e-mails notifying me of the updates! Just to make sure that the books looks halfway decent on mobile device I always buy a copy of the book and have it downloaded into one of our Google Nexus 7 (Android) Pads. This way I get to see what customers get to see.

So I contacted Kindle support last night. They know me. We ‘chat’ often. They responded this morning. Yes, they are having issues BUT are working on fixing them — though they don’t have a timescale.

They are willing to manually e-mail all those that have bought my ebooks! That is pretty impressive — though in my case we are not talking thousands of sales.

So just a heads up since this is a topic that is not adequately covered on the Web. Thanks.

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