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‘Huggins Fair’, Wolfeboro, NH, Saturday, August 3, 2013: Was Fun As Always.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.P1040373

Anura Guruge

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‘Huggins Fair’, like ‘Laconia Multicultural Day‘, is on our annual ‘must attend’ list. I first started attending way back in 1992.

Like the ‘Laconia Multicultural Day‘ it is by definition a load of fun. This year because the ‘Day’ got shortchanged by the Belknap Mill, ‘Multicultural Day’ and ‘Huggins Fair’ took place, as far as we were concerned (since we only go on the Saturday to ‘the fair’), on the same day — whereas they are usually exactly a month apart. But, it wasn’t an issue.

In years gone by, when I first moved to the Lakes Regions, my then neighbor, a confirmed devotee of ‘the fair’, would insist that we all go with her for the grand-opening at 10 am on Friday — and then hang around most of the day Friday and Saturday. That was decades ago.

Over the last few years we only go on Saturday — and late in the evening at that. Basically we don’t really need anything at ‘the fair’! We just go for the ‘sport’ so to speak. I am even done with going and spending 5 hours looking through the books. Now we just go for the end of show bargains — because we have all become pickers.

On Saturday we didn’t leave Laconia till past 4: 30. I also decided to take the scenic, around-the-lake route — mainly because we hadn’t done that loop in years and I knew that we didn’t really have to get there till 5:30 or so. Given that we stopped at McDonald’s in Meredith (which is a few orders of magnitude better than the slip-shod one we have at Alton) we didn’t get to Brewster till around 5:30. We know our way around Brewster. So parking was not an issue.

We were there till 9:30! We spent, I think, between 60 and 70 dollars. Yes, I did end up getting two huge bags of books for $4. They were all old, non-fiction books on religion, travel and art. Got a dandy of a book: the LIFE ‘The World’s Great Religions‘ published in 1957. Oversized, leather bound and in a sleeve. That nobody had picked it up for 2 days amazes me. I have been looking through it. Delightful. There are two copies on eBay, nowhere close to the condition of mine (which is pretty pristine), for $19.95. Given that I picked up about 20 books, paid 20 cents for it! That is the sport we love.

Picked up various objet d’art, over-the-top Christmas decorations and some odds-and-sods at the ‘Ladies White Elephant’ at the end. We love that ‘sale’. We, as is the norm of late, bought two ‘all you can stuff’ bags for $10/each — and we sure stuffed them. I also got a few hangings, two that I really like, at the art tent using a $1 ‘fill the bag till it is full‘ offer. Since we are out of wall space even spending a $1 to buy hangings was a bit of an indulgence. We actually had to take down a picture yesterday to put the one we bought at Laconia up. That is how bad things are getting.

We haven’t actually unpacked the van as yet! Deanna has relatives coming this week and she wants the house tidy. So the bags are staying in the van till they are gone. I extracted the religion book, one Italian wall-hanging imitation wine decanter and two hangings out — just to mess around.

So, all in all, we had one. The kids had ice cream again. We met a friend from Alton. The weather was delightful. Everybody was having fun. So Saturday, August 3, 2013 was a good day. Two favorite events in one day.