Alton, N.H. Old Home Day 2013 — Pictures Of The Rather Good Fireworks.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I ended up taking the pictures this time around, for a change, since Deanna wanted a break from taking pictures and instead wanted to enjoy the fireworks without a camera in front of her face.
I understand. That is why when ew went to the Grand Canyon in April I didn’t take many pictures.



Alton’s ‘Old Home Day’ fireworks are invariably at least an order of magnitude better than the cursory July 3rd offering. It was definitely the case this year.

Saturday’s fireworks, which started more or less on time around 9:20 pm, were good. Lots of cheering from the crowd at the end and sustained, appreciative horn-blowing by the boats towards the end.

Deanna thought they were good. She particularly enjoyed the very flashy, and flashy indeed, grand finale with a lot of fizz, pop and bang.

For a change we did not occupy our customary spot on the bridge looking head-on at the barge.

I, knowing the dynamics of Alton quite well, had a hunch that traffic would not be an issue at 9pm. So rather than driving down to the Bay from Rte 28 via Bay Hill Road, I drove straight through Main St. Though there was the usual police presence there really was no traffic. Drove straight up to the Bandstand parking lot and found a legit, empty space right in front of the bandstand. Then we walked down to the docks and sat towards the end on the built-in benches.

Wow, what a night. Pretty close to perfect. A tad chilly for early August but not bad. Not a cloud in the sky. The stars were resplendent. A good and merry crowd. A very pleasant evening at the Bay.

It was a good vantage point. The acoustics are much more conducive thanks to the reflection from the opposite shore. You miss that when you stand on the bridge.

So we felt these fireworks. They reverberated through you.  This added to the allure of the grand finale.

A good show. Glad we went — though we rarely miss many fireworks.

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