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GoDaddy E-Mail Is Slow Again Today — But It Is Working.


Anura Guruge

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Just a heads up. I noticed it as soon as I got online at 11:30 am EST this morning. But, it works. Just takes ‘a minute’ before anything happens.

Also noticed the hits on my prior posts on slow e-mail.

So just a heads-up that you are not alone. I think that this will resolve itself in time. Possibly issues with one or more of the servers or GoDaddy is, yet again, the subject of a ‘denial of service’ attack that is sucking up bandwidth.

If it gets worse we will have to start calling.

All the best.

The Circus, Ringlings Brothers, Will Again Play Down & Obfuscate Elephant ‘Parade’ In Manchester This Year.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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We chronicled, in detail, sometimes hourly, the frustrations suffered by many last year when the circus, the arena and the city went to great lengths to make sure that the public would not know when the elephants would parade from the train to the arena. I was being naive last year. It took me awhile to realize what all that obfuscation was all about. ‘They’, and by that I mean all parties involved from the circus to the city, are worried that animal rights activists might try to create a scene that could lead to pandemonium. Elephants, at least the Asian elephants used exclusively by circuses, are not easily spooked, but when they are spooked it is not a pretty sight.

This HBO Documentary, that I have watched parts of, has exacerbated the tension as Ringling Brothers are explicitly cited — even with pictures of the elephants performing at a circus.


Click to access HBO site for this documentary.


You can watch it on YouTube. Click …

Then there was this incident that reported earlier this year: 


And there have been protesters in Manchester the last few years — not many, but the few that were around sure made sure that people got to hear them.

So that is the issue. They want to keep the elephants ‘low key’ — however ridiculous that sounds. To be fair they did a good job of sneaking the elephants on and off the train. On the last night they moved the elephants while the show was still going on. That was never the case in prior years. We know. We used to be there for the ‘good bye’ parade.

So, that my friends, is the state of play as to what we can expect in Manchester in October re. the elephants.