‘TEN Cricket’ In The U.S. With Skybox TV: ‘Catch Up TV’ Feature Now Available For TEN Cricket! Great News.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.tenlogo

Anura Guruge

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As I had anticipated, based on what I had been told by the Skybox TV developer, ‘Catch Up TV’ was available as of Saturday, August 17, 2013, for TEN Cricket.

I actually used it. 10 to 10:45 pm is my de rigueur time slot for my daily dose of cricket. So I tuned into the Skybox TV. Saw that TEN was now appearing in ‘Catch Up TV’. Of course selected that. Saw a West Indies vs. England ODI — labeled as a Classic from 4 pm that day. Selected that. It was a match from 1997. It was good to watch the likes of Lara, Hicks, Walsh etc. Picture quality was very good. Kind of funny but I would even say that the TV coverage was also better with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) insert to show what was happening at the wicket while the ball was heading towards the rope. I miss that in the modern coverage. Good game.

Catch Up feature seems to work well. I am delighted. This is getting better by the day.

No question whatsoever. Skybox TV is a REAL VIABLE option for getting TEN Cricket in the U.S.

11 thoughts on “‘TEN Cricket’ In The U.S. With Skybox TV: ‘Catch Up TV’ Feature Now Available For TEN Cricket! Great News.

  1. Satyajit Roy

    I am Satyajit, remember me re sky box tv. They are fooling me. The ten cricket on sky box tv is not the same as actual ten cricket in India. They are stupid. Ten cricket is showing live Ram Slam T20 from South Africa. But Ten cricket on sky box tv is not showing it. Can you please talk to Akhilesh? I am paying 19.99 per month and that Akhilesh and zee are fooling me.

    1. aguruge Post author

      I remember YOU well. I have been THINKING of you. Yes, I know that TEN on Sky Box is essentially repeats. I have spoken with my ‘contact’ a few times about this over the last 3 weeks. I can’t complain. I am not paying for it. I will forward these comments, with pleasure to Akhilesh. He knows. Yes, I genuinely feel bad for YOU. Now do you for your $19.99 get all the Sky Box channels — including the new Catch Up channels? I noticed that we missed the SA v. India series. Plus, from what I can see, they repeat the same ODIs a few days running. I can still find content I haven’t previously seen — like the Pak v Eng ODIs. But, I will forward this to Akhilesh … NOW. I will be back to tell you when I have done so. Thanks. Happy New Year. Cheers, Anura

    2. aguruge Post author

      Done. E-mailed him at 8:26 pm (Eastern) Sat. 1/11/2014. He normally doesn’t check e-mail on weekends. I will let you know as soon as I hear. Promise. All the best. Anura

    1. aguruge Post author

      Actually there was a reply. He is actually fairly good. He even e-mailed me from India while he was there on vacation in November. This is what he says:
      Hi Anura

      Hope you are well.

      Thanks for forwarding this to me.

      I have forwarded this email to the Skybox and Ten Cricket teams. Also the 19.99 charge is not for only Ten cricket, it has close to 10 TV channels including Hindi and Bangla.


  2. Satyajit Roy

    There is no change on ten cricket channel. I think Akhilesh or zee will not take care of this. What can we do? nothing. This is not good. I don’t understand what is the hell thet need to do to stream the actual ten cricket channel.

    1. aguruge Post author

      I just came up after having my ‘breakfast’. I was going to contact YOU! Did you notice that Sky is saying on ‘live’ that TEN is no longer available! I will contact Akhilesh on Monday. I think YET AGAIN as with Dish last year it is licensing. Zee only owns 4x% of Sky. Yes, this is a farce. My ‘friend’ at Sky told me that you had called last Saturday and spoken with Rose. You are famous. They all know you. Another issue. Sky only has a handful of folks, you among them, who get the box for Ten. Others get it for the Asian programming. But, from what I gather, they only have a small base. Yes, very annoying. Cheers, Anura

  3. Satyajit Roy

    I have given up. Let’s see what is the final answer you get from Akhilesh. After that I will unsubscribe, wastage of 19.99 per month. you can tell him that I won’t be there customer any more.

    1. aguruge Post author

      I sent both your comments from this weekend to Akhilesh with a note from me attached. This is very sad and frustrating. IF you go back and check my original e-mails about ZEE and TEN you will see that they were harangues about the inevitable incompetence of Indians. Earlier this year I had another incident — this time with Anthem Health Insurance. I called up and got what I describe in this blog as the ‘Idiot Indian’. He told me untruths. That resulted in me making various calls and sending e-mails … The ‘idiot Indian’ was clueless. So, I expect this kind of garbage whenever … I just bought some IPO shares of an Indian media company BECAUSE I liked the name … EROS. I read that the Indian directors smeared their own fecal matter on the IPO filing papers! That to me is what I expect. So, what can I say. Don’t get me wrong. I like Indians. They are always good for a laugh and make some fine curry. But, when it comes to running a company they should hire non-Indians. Your comments please. Peace. Cheers, Anura

  4. Satyajit Roy

    A agree with you, and I am totally frustrated with India Guys, even at work. Although I am Indian, I don’t like fellow Indian. My mentality is not like Indian so I cannot get along with them. At work, I am frustrated with my career due to Indian boss etc. I am graduated from the best engineering institute in India. I came to states thinking I have to get rid of Indian. Unfortunately, in states I have to deal with Indian. I am totally frustrated.


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