Do Alton Central School Parents Care If The School Buys Its Heating Oil From A Convicted Sexual Harasser?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This, the morality of doing business with a known sexual harasser, already convicted once and again facing suit, was the burning, contentious issue at Tuesday’s, August 20, 2013, out-of-cycle, 4 to 6 (rather than 6 to 8) Alton Central School (ACS) Board Meeting.

Fred Fuller came in with the lowest bid and the Board, in general, always goes with the lowest bid unless they know of any detrimental factors.

Steve Miller, who I do recall has railed about this before, yet again, made a passionate plea for not doing business with this outfit. I definitely see where Steve is coming from (but 93% of the time, in marked contrast to many others) I do tend to see what Steve is getting at). Though we have 3 females on the Board, none of them was willing to side with Steve. I, during the second pubic input, even suggested that this issue, for the future, be put to the Alton voters in the form of a referendum (‘warrant article’ as I was informed by Superintendent, Mr. Lander).

But, yet again Deanna and I were the ONLY public there. Plus, of course, we don’t have a say.

What do the other parents think.

The difference between the lowest bid and the next was $1,500 or $1,600.

Is morality worth $1,500?

The real underlying issue here is that sexual harassment in the workplace is not a felony (or that is what I read).


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