Dover (N.H.) Greek Fest 2103: Friday – Sat., August 30 – 31, Longhill Road. We Are Hoping To Go.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Aaahhhh! Mouth watering.

Anura Guruge

We used to go the Laconia Greek Festival without fail when we lived in Gilford. We have also been to the big festival in Portsmouth though that was a few years ago.

Teischan’s piano teacher, Siroun Braun, is very heavily involved with this Fest and has been singing its praises for months. Tesichan’s second piano recital was at the at the exquisite ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church’ in Dover that is presenting this Fest.

We are definitely hoping to go. The sheep shanks are only on Saturday. So that is when I will be there. I like pork, but I have a thing for sheep (lamb) and mutton (goat). Won’t eat the rice. Teischan will probably have that. But, I have my eye on at least two (maybe more) shanks. Though I adore Baklava I will be giving it the miss again — as I did this year at the Laconia Multicultural Day (for the first time in my life). 

So checkout their Website. They do have a schedule of sorts. They will also have live music on Saturday and we are all partial to Greek music. 

Click to ENLARGE. Link to Greek Fest Website below.

Click to ENLARGE.
Link to Greek Fest Website below.

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